Young Hispanic Aerospace/Mechatronics Engineer Andrea Márquez From Merida Aerospace Has Been Recognized for Her Accomplishment in Planetary Rover Design


Aerospace Engineer Andrea Márquez shown with her advanced rover design.

TAMPA, Fla.June 26, 2023 — Andrea Márquez, a young Hispanic aerospace/mechatronics engineer working at Merida Aerospace, a Tampa based space start-up, has just received the highest award from the prestigious Modelo college of engineering for her amazing planetary rover project.

Andrea Márquez presented an advanced versatile rover designed for a range of operations, including commercial applications, monitoring, security, reconnaissance, border monitoring, as well as lunar and planetary exploration.

Andrea has dedicated herself to the ambitious task of creating the advanced rover design similar to the Mars Perseverance Rover. As an aerospace/mechatronics engineer at Merida Aerospace, she utilized her expertise to design and assemble this complex piece of machinery including its advanced capabilities. Merida Aerospace team guided and helped Andrea Marquez to complete this challenging task, giving her a platform to bring her ideas down to reality. Driven by her passion for space exploration and her engineering knowledge, she took on this challenging endeavor, successfully achieving her objectives.

Recently, Andrea’s remarkable project took center stage at a prestigious university event. Competing against nearly 50 other projects in the highly esteemed “prototype design” category, Andrea’s rover design stood out as an exceptional example of ingenuity and technical expertise. Her comprehensive presentation showcased not only the intricacies of her design but also her deep understanding of the rover’s functionalities and its significance in space exploration.

Her rover consisted of an advanced model of the Mars Perseverance Rover, which is currently operating on Mars. To achieve optimum performance, she employed different materials and utilized 3D printing techniques, along with an aluminum structure to provide optimal strength and durability for the rover. She was able to build this Rover practically from scratch, designing and building all the necessary components for its correct operation, from the 3D model to the circuit boards and assembly of this project.

The panel of judges, composed of industry veterans and experts, were captivated by Andrea’s extraordinary achievement. Amidst tough competition, her advanced Rover design emerged as the clear winner in the “prototype design” category, earning her well-deserved recognition and admiration from the engineering community.

Andrea’s advanced Rover design project serves as an example of future possibilities. It not only showcases her technical abilities but also highlights the importance of pushing the boundaries of engineering innovation. As space exploration continues to captivate the imagination of humanity, projects like Andrea’s contribute to our understanding of extraterrestrial environments and the vast potential they hold.

Beyond mere recognition, Andrea’s success serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals and showcases the boundless potential of young engineers. As a Hispanic woman in a field traditionally dominated by men, Andrea’s accomplishment breaks barriers and paves the way for greater diversity and inclusivity in the engineering community.

Her dedication and talent exemplify that with perseverance and consistency, huge achievements can be made, helping science and engineering keep moving forward.

SOURCE; Merida Aerospace