Merida Aerospace Radically Improves the Way Space Services are Delivered with a Simple Idea

Dec 10, 2020, 08:32 ET


TAMPA, Fla.Dec. 10, 2020/ — In a step that is considered a mark of extraordinary ambition in – and one that could truly revolutionize – the space industry, Merida Aerospace is ready to establish itself as the first space technology company in the world that offers clients satellite design, data distribution, and launching capabilities for space crafts in one facility. It is unprecedented that any space engineering solutions company could offer such a comprehensive portfolio of services to clients at once.

Merida Aerospace has brought a new perspective to the table for space services logistics: give clients all key services under one roof! Traditionally, specialized services were offered by various companies in the sector, which made for partial solutions to the spacecraft design-to-launch process. These service providers were located far apart and followed their own protocols not observed by other companies, which led to substantial increase in various costs to the final product, including time, money, resources, and process alignment.

With its team’s experience in all three crucial stages of spacecraft development, Merida Aerospace is ready to offer the industry a unique solution that will cut down costs immensely and save countless hours on each project.

The company aims to use the nascent phase of the commercial space sector to build a strong competitive and pricing advantage that boosts its growth and offers its clients unbeatable value. In a future that holds immense promise for the space industry, Merida Aerospace’s ability to offer in-house satellite construction, data collection and distribution, and launch vehicles capable of accommodating equatorial as well as sun-synchronous launches as a one-stop-shop is a historic event. With this step, Merida Aerospace has helped the industry cross the next threshold and enter a new era of more efficient services and robust processes.

Speaking about these benefits in some detail, Merida Aerospace’s Systems Engineer, Robert Velasco, says, “It’s truly a game changer. A new chapter in the history of space services. Clients will be able to use essentially a one-stop-shop for their satellite projects. They can contact us to simply hand over the entire process from designing and building their satellites to launching them to orbit and collecting and distributing data to their access port, tying together the countless steps of this long process in one location, bypassing the complex logistics situation in the industry today. As a result, we’ll do all that for the most attractive prices in the industry, not to mention we’ll provide any combination of these services to deliver on every client’s specific needs.”

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Merida Aerospace is a new space startup technology and services company based in Tampa, FL, with production, data analysis, and launch sites in Merida, Mexico. More details about Merida Aerospace can be found on their business website ( or via email (

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