TAMPA, FL: Merida Aerospace reports the following; they are bringing a fresh and much-needed perspective to the table for the space service logistics; give clients all key products and services under one roof!

Merida Aerospace’s research shows that almost all companies in the space industry are developing aerospace systems with a narrow outlook, manufacturing only one of the following: rocket launch systems, satellite systems, CubeSats, or low orbiting satellites within their scope. However, multiple market researches has shown that the industry is looking for one-stop shopping, so it is high time that aerospace companies start offering complete, broad-spectrum, turn-key aerospace solutions under one roof.

In recent years, many companies building rocket systems have been calling themselves the “Uber of Space” or the “Henry Ford of Space.” However, Merida Aerospace has a vision that goes beyond that —it strives to be the “Amazon of Space.”

Historically and presently, NASA has filled this position and is essentially the government version of the “Amazon of Space” whereas they presently do everything that has to do with space— they build and/or oversee the development of rockets,satellites, deep space explorers, lunar landers, planet surface and/or asteroid mining equipment, and the list goes on. But they are looking towards the private sector to take this job over. However, they will continue to fund the space industry
in these endeavors.

Merida Aerospace has stepped up to the challenge.

As a startup aerospace company, Merida Aerospace realizes that there is a gap in the market and a need for a company that offers key solutions concerning “space under one roof” platforms. From rocket launch systems and satellite ground control systems to lunar landing systems, deep space explorers, and space mining technology, Merida Aerospace is the first and only private aerospace company that aims to do it all.

As such, it has coined the term SoT or “space of things,” inspired by IoT or “internet of things” and calls itself the “Amazon of Space” because it understands that in order to succeed in the space industry today, you must do
“everything space under one roof.”

The new space economy dictates this as well as the need for clients to get one-stop-shop solutions.

Currently, various aerospace companies offer specialized services that create partial solutions for the aerospace industry. However, this meant that these services follow their own protocols that are not observed or interfaced with other companies.

Merida Aerospace understands space technology and manufacturing follow very similar criteria. That space devices such as rockets, satellites, lunar landers, etc., basically follow the same criteria of design, that is to say, they must operate under similar environmental concerns and they all incorporate thrust systems, telemetry control systems, video and data collection systems, electro-mechanical operations that are all common. In addition, Merida Aerospace’s vast team of engineers working under one roof have the ability to design and build all of these products and or devices in collaboration with each other to create optimal solutions.

This can also help better fulfill the demands of clients who need space technology and operations from one source. Moreover, companies that have the biggest chance of succeeding in the new space industry will be the ones that can offer
multiple space products under one roof.

Merida Aerospace enjoys an enviable position in the aerospace industry with teams that have extensive experience in the three core stages of spacecraft development. The company is uniquely positioned to offer the industry a unique, full-suite space solution that will cut down costs immensely and save countless hours on each project.

The company aims to use the nascent phase of the commercial space sector so that its clients could benefit from cost competitive pricing and get maximum value.

In a future that promises immense opportunities in the aerospace industry, Merida Aerospace is strategically positioned to offer low-cost, in-house satellite construction, data collection and distribution, and launch vehicles capable of accommodating equatorial as well as Sun-synchronous launches.

With this transformative step, Merida Aerospace shows great potential to help the space industry cross the next frontier and usher in an era of increasingly efficient services and robust processes.

Speaking about these benefits in detail, Merida Aerospace’s Systems Engineer, Robert Velasco, says, “It’s truly a game changer. A new chapter in the history of space products and services. Clients will be able to use essentially a one-stop-shop for their space projects. They can contact us to simply hand over the entire process from designing and building their space projects, to launching them to orbit, and
collecting and distributing data to their access port, tying together the countless steps of this long process in one location, bypassing the complex logistics situation in the industry today. As a result, we’ll do all that for the most attractive prices in the industry, not to mention we’ll provide any combination of these services to deliver on every client’s specific needs.”

Source; Merida Aerospace